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Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin

My family will be returning to the market this year with fresh vegetables and home made bread. We are also selling berries and wood craft such as clothes dryers.  

In 2016 we will be attending the Johnson Farmers' Market extended market in Bruce Mines on Wed. afternoon from 3 - 6. This is for July and August only.

No Sunday Sales, Please

Solid Oak Rocker
Amos and Betsy Weber and Family

Our large family includes 10 children and continues to grow as 5 of our children are married and raising families of their own. One daughter and her family is living in Southern Ontario but will soon be moving north to a farm down the road.  Having the extended family close is important to us.

A good size section of our farm is devoted to growing a large variety of vegetables that are sold fresh, or canned for those non growing winter months. You can find our produce at the local Farmers’ Market or Desbarats Country Produce or just stop by.

As a sideline to our farm, we have a hardwood furniture business specializing in solid wood furniture (oak, birch and maple). Son, Abram, has taken a special liking to the woodworking. Choose from our existing selection or provide your own custom order. Furniture is sold unfinished or finished .

No Sundays, Please.

Isaak Doerksen Family

We moved to Johnson Township from Southern Ontario six years ago hoping to maintain a Christian environment for our family. We see living on a farm, working with livestock and produce, as an opportunity. We are great believers in selling fresh produce directly to the customer as fresh is not only healthier but tastes better and is more environmentally friendly.

Our family raises beef and lamb for sale as well as growing a wide variety of vegetables: from hothouse tomatoes to cauliflower to watermelons and cantaloupes. We harvest vegetables from June to November. We tap some 3000 maple trees and sell maple syrup all year round both as retail and wholesale.

We also sell cedar lumber for decking, fencing or furniture according to customer specifications.

We are a vendor at the local Farmers’ Market and a supplier to the Desbarats Country Produce Center.

No Sundays, Please.

Joseph and Mary Sherk

My wife and I are a young family just getting started on our own. We are specializing in bedding plants, herbs and vegetables.

 During May & June, we sell from our farmgate, the Farmers’ Market or through the Desbarats Produce Centre. Although we really enjoy selling directly to people during the busy harvest time my father Enos Sherk sells many of our vegetables as an extension of his table at the market.

We grow items such as herbs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, parsnips, turnips, pumpkins, etc. It is great having a large extended family who can help us get established.

No Sundays, Please.

Nothing Like Sweet Corn!
Paul B. Martin Family

Sarah & I are certified organic maple syrup and blueberry producers and are waiting final approval on our certified vegetable certification.

Vegetables, honey products including creamed honey, hand creams and lip balms. Home made soaps and stone ground flour. Organic maple syrup and maple products.

As a sideline we operate a fully equipped machine shop for your blacksmithing needs: (weather vanes, flower planters, hooks and more). We also stock belts, pulleys and bearings as a compliment to the machine shop.

Customers will find our products available at the farm gate, the Farmers' Market, or the Desbarats Country Produce Store.

No Sundays, Please.

Portable Storage/Garden Sheds
Peter Sherk and Family

As a young family just starting out, my wife Marie and daughter rely heavily on help with marketing from our extended family. Our pickling cucumbers will be part of my father Enos Sherk’s table at the local Farmers’ Market or can be purchased through the Desbarats Country Produce Centre or directly from the farm in bushels and half bushel quantities.

In addition to our farm, I build portable storage/garden sheds in 8’x 8’, 8’x 10’ or 8’ x 12’ sizes suitable for storage of lawn tractors, ATV, lawn and gardening tools or easily adapted for a children’s play house. You will find these buildings to be great quality and competitively priced.

No Sundays, Please

Black Angus Beef
Samuel Hoover

Our family raises black angus beef and grows a variety of vegetables (carrots, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes). We also own and operate the Barber Road Egg Grading Station, a federally inspected grading.

Fresh from the farm, free run eggs.


No Sundays, Please.


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Government of Ontario  The Ontario Farmers’ Markets Strategy is working to increase the opportunity for consumers to buy local Ontario food directly from Ontario farmers at farms and farmers markets across the province.  The Ontario Farmers’ Markets Strategy is working to increase the opportunity for consumers to buy local Ontario food directly from Ontario farmers at farms and farmers markets across the province.
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